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Erik and Israel Nordin

The Nordin Brothers founded the Detroit Design Center in 2000 with the intention of creating a hub where people could find things for their homes and businesses that they could not find anywhere else.  One of a kind objects. They describe themselves as "Artists that create objects for spaces".  Every project is a new exploration.  Together they create fine art and functional objects with glass, steel, wood, stone and other mediums.  Their studio is located on Michigan Avenue in Detroit, a 10,000 sq ft space with 2 cranes allowing plenty of space to create their pieces.

Contact them to explore your visions.

Erik Nordin: 313.330.2259

Israel Nordin: 313.330.2269



The Nordin’s push the envelope in their designs and consistently explore new territory in terms of weight, scale and vision. The quality of their work is in the top of their field and truly reflects Detroit
— Jeff Cohen, CEO, Rock Companies
The Detroit Design Center’s mantra - “Design is what matters” says all you need to know about the Nordin’s approach as artists. They care. They think about their designs and work until each design actually means something to the customer. Everything has purpose. Everything has a meaning
— Bud Liebler, Owner, The Whitney, Detroit, MI
Erik and Israel’s creativity, vision, and skill shine through in their work. Their sensitivity, diligence and energy have made working with them a joy
— Gerard van Grinsven, President and CEO, Henry Ford Hospital, West Bloomfield, MI
Their love for art, their enthusiasm, and their ability to design exactly what was needed and work through potential problems stood out above all the rest of the artists
— Matthew Modrack, Executive Director CDD, DDA, City of Brighton, MI
The Nordin’s took all of our wants and desires and spun them into a magnificent piece that is art and function, all in one.
— Bob Diakow, private client